CV writing and interview tips

CV Writing

How to write a good CV

  • Ensure the focus of your CV is towards the key skills mentioned in the job advertisement.
  • Consider the proportions of your CV - information on personal interests are great, but the main purpose of a CV is to demonstrate professional competency, not what you like to do at the weekend.
  • Make sure you have ALL your contact details on the first page of your CV: email address, home phone number and mobile. Recruitment can be a fast-moving business so we may have to talk to you at short notice.
  • List your most advanced qualifications such as a degree or A-Levels –this is more important than including extensive details about your Schooling. As a general rule, employers are much more interested in any commercial experience you have.
  • Personal profiles can be helpful, but make sure they are succinct and give an overview of your skills and aspirations
  • Try to be positive on your CV – avoid dwelling on failures or weaknesses; Employers are always more interested in what you do have to offer than what you do not.
  • Include any skills which may be useful in a business environment, such as linguistic skills, a current driving licence, and anything that demonstrates business-friendly attributes such as team working, leadership, literacy and numeracy.
  • Avoid leaving gaps in your CV; this only causes questions to be asked that can delay the recruitment process unnecessarily.
  • If you looking for your first job following university and you have no relevant work experience detail your final year project and the modules you have covered.

Free CV Review service

We are currently offering a free CV review for Traffic Engineers, Highway Engineers and Transport Planners in the UK - at all professional levels. The full list of intra-disciplines can be found on our Jobs page.

Feedback from the review will include general pointers on areas of improvement with a focus on:

  • Formatting
  • Professional Summary
  • Content
  • Wording
  • Proportionality
  • Terminology (technical + non-technical)
  • Length

For those seeking a more ‘hands on’ approach, we also provide a CV Improvement service, where we lead on amendments identified in the review to create a document fit for submission. The service includes:

  • Review of existing CV
  • 30 min chat (video conference or phone) to:
    • understand target audience
    • qualify content – qualifications, work/ project experience
    • identifying additional information
  • Create/ forward initial draft CV
  • Additional 15 – 30 min chat to talk through the draft CV
  • Create/ forward final draft CV

The ‘hands on’ service is £40 (+ VAT) per CV and is typically completed within 2 working days.

For further information on the above, please email putting ‘CV Review’ in the subject bar and below include your full name, contact number and a suitable date/ time to take a call.
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Interview Tips

Our consultants will provide advice before each interview on how best to prepare. There is however a lot of useful literature to be found online. We are particularly impressed with an article published in Telegraph on 09 Feb 2017 - (detailed below), which provides some great recommendations and worth reading in preparation for interview:

50 Best Interview Tips

Interviews can be intimidating, and it isn’t always clear what employers are looking for. But while this awkward professional situation is sometimes daunting, like anything else, it is a skill that can be practised and perfected. The more carefully you prepare, the better you will do.

What makes an interview successful

The first step in nailing an interview is to simply understand what a successful interview looks like. Here are four key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. It’s Social: You should demonstrate that you’d be a pleasure to work with
  2. It’s Professional: Your presentation must be smart, efficient, and diplomatic.
  3. It’s Human: You need to present yourself as genuine and earnest.
  4. The Details Matter: From your outfit to your posture, everything is information.